Jens Ljungblad

The Plautocompleter

Had a great time at this year’s Wowhack. This is the third year I’ve participated, and as usual I came away impressed with all the high quality hacks people put together.

@_sandrahansson, @andrelaszlo, @hnarjis and myself decided to build a playlist autocompleter: The Plautocompleter. Basically, the problem that we share is that we tend to create playlists, give them cool-sounding names, add a couple of tracks, then realize playlist creation takes actual work and promptly go do something else instead. If you share this affliction, our hack might be just what you need.

Setting Up a Ruby on Rails + Postgres Environment on OS X

This post describes how to set up a Ruby on Rails + Postgres environment for local development. It is a particularly suitable combination if you want to deploy to the Heroku platform. This has been tested to work on Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. While some of the tools described are OS X specific, the bulk of the post applies to Linux as well. Whatever system you’re on, make sure it’s running the latest everything before you get started.

Updated on Jul 23rd, 2014