Jens Ljungblad

The Plautocompleter

Had a great time at this year’s Wowhack. This is the third year I’ve participated, and as usual I came away impressed with all the high quality hacks people put together.

@_sandrahansson, @andrelaszlo, @hnarjis and myself decided to build a playlist autocompleter: The Plautocompleter. Basically, the problem that we share is that we tend to create playlists, give them cool-sounding names, add a couple of tracks, then realize playlist creation takes actual work and promptly go do something else instead. If you share this affliction, our hack might be just what you need.

After you’ve signed in with your Spotify credentials, The Plautocompleter will list all your playlists and let you know which ones are nice & short and needs autocompletion. Click one from the list and behold: using science and The Echo Nest, more tracks will have been added to the playlist. You can preview tracks by clicking the little speaker icon to the right of the track name. The tracks are also deletable if you find yourself disagreeing with The Plautocompleter’s recommendations. When satisfied, click save and the playlist will be transferred back to Spotify. That’s about it!

Oh, and due to the hackish nature of our hack, please don’t use it on playlists with more than ~50 tracks. Chances are it will kill your playlist…